The longest training ride yet…an incredible 53 miles!

Jer has rounded off the Easter weekend with a stunning 53.2 mile ride in just over four hours and is his longest training ride yet!

In just over a week of training, Jer has clocked up around 250 miles and has easily surpassed his training regime for this stage of the build up to the big ride. The experts reckon that you should be cycling two thirds of your anticipated daily ride 3-4 times a week – that’s around 135-180 miles in total. Given Jer’s work commitments, it’s not going to be easy to put in long rides during the week but who cares, he’s easily doing the miles!

The long rides have not be totally without incident though – Jer has quickly found out that long rides gives him pins and needles in both hands! However, a trip to the bike shop yesterdsy and the purchase of some thicker gloves seems to have sorted that one out. A handful of sweatbands are also going to be essential if the warm weather continues. The bike’s holding up very nicely too given it’s age and Jer feels a little safer now that the brakes have been upgraded this week!

A big thank you for all the pledges received so far – what wonderful family and friends we have! But please keep those pledges coming in. There is still some way to go to reach that £1,000 target so please spread the word.

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