Happy birthday to Jer and an amazing 47.5 mile training ride!

Not even his birthday has got in the way of Jer’s training this week and he’s been eating up the miles as we get ever closer to the big day. Jer turned in 34 miles on Monday in 2 hours 43 minutes and an even more impressive 47.5 miles this morning in just 3 hours 16 minutes. Both runs included short breaks so that it makes his time all the more impressive! Despite feeling a bit tired in the legs at the end of today’s ride, he recovered pretty quickly. Keep it going Jer!

I put an event on Facebook this week to announce the bike ride and we’d like to say a big thank you to all our Facebook family and friends for all the support so far. Please keep sending in your wishes to Jer and your pledges to Never Give Up. It really will make a difference.

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