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The longest training ride yet…an incredible 53 miles!

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Jer has rounded off the Easter weekend with a stunning 53.2 mile ride in just over four hours and is his longest training ride yet!

In just over a week of training, Jer has clocked up around 250 miles and has easily surpassed his training regime for this stage of the build up to the big ride. The experts reckon that you should be cycling two thirds of your anticipated daily ride 3-4 times a week – that’s around 135-180 miles in total. Given Jer’s work commitments, it’s not going to be easy to put in long rides during the week but who cares, he’s easily doing the miles!

The long rides have not be totally without incident though – Jer has quickly found out that long rides gives him pins and needles in both hands! However, a trip to the bike shop yesterdsy and the purchase of some thicker gloves seems to have sorted that one out. A handful of sweatbands are also going to be essential if the warm weather continues. The bike’s holding up very nicely too given it’s age and Jer feels a little safer now that the brakes have been upgraded this week!

A big thank you for all the pledges received so far – what wonderful family and friends we have! But please keep those pledges coming in. There is still some way to go to reach that £1,000 target so please spread the word.

Short video….

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LEJOG 2011 training

Happy birthday to Jer and an amazing 47.5 mile training ride!

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Not even his birthday has got in the way of Jer’s training this week and he’s been eating up the miles as we get ever closer to the big day. Jer turned in 34 miles on Monday in 2 hours 43 minutes and an even more impressive 47.5 miles this morning in just 3 hours 16 minutes. Both runs included short breaks so that it makes his time all the more impressive! Despite feeling a bit tired in the legs at the end of today’s ride, he recovered pretty quickly. Keep it going Jer!

I put an event on Facebook this week to announce the bike ride and we’d like to say a big thank you to all our Facebook family and friends for all the support so far. Please keep sending in your wishes to Jer and your pledges to Never Give Up. It really will make a difference.

24 days and counting….

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It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and it’s the first chance that I’ve had to follow Jer on one of his training sessions. With only 24 short days to go before the the big ride, Jer has only now been able to start the build up to the long haul to John O’Groats. From yesterday, Jer is putting in a cycle ride every morning and I’ve taken the opportunity to stop off at points along his route to take some much needed photos and videos for the blog. Today, Jer is on a double circuit around the villages near his home and will clock up about 30 miles. He’s averaging about 12 miles an hour and this fits well with the 10-15 miles an hour that most pundits think is the right pace for LEJOG. A few pics of Jer ‘in action’.


Go, Jer, Go!

Welcome to Jeremy’s Bike Ride!

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Jeremy (Jer) McConnell will be cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats in May 2011 to raise money for charity and fulfil a personal ambition. The challenge is to complete the gruelling 980 mile journey in just 14 days between May 11-24 2011 on his trusty 30 year old Raleigh Clubman!

Jer's 30 year old Raleigh Clubman

A huge motivation for the challenge is to raise money for the charity, Never Give Up, a foundation that was set up by Jer’s wife, Pamela, in honour of their daughter, Abbi. Abbi passed away in 2010, aged just 17, after a valiant battle against cancer. In the last months of her short life, Abbi turned her thoughts, not to her own struggle, but to her family, friends and the numerous medical professionals who supported her tirelessly. She recognised that in many cases, those looking after a loved one with a terminal illness need support too and Never Give Up was founded to serve that principle. I would urge everyone to check out the official website ( to find out more…

It might be worth mentioning right from the start that although Jer has always liked riding bikes, he certainly isn’t an avid cyclist, in fact, he’s only been on the odd Sunday bike ride in the last 20 years! So make no mistake, this is certainly not going to be easy. Jer will have to cycle an average of 70 miles a day ‘up hill and down dell’ in all weather conditions and without any day offs! Jer is currently in training for the big event but owing to hefty work commitments, even this is somewhat behind ‘schedule’. The most he’s been able to do so far is 23 miles in one go and that was cut short because of brake failure down a rather steep hill! The perils of an old bike! All the cycling gurus reckon that he should be cycling 40-45 miles several times a week by now – fat chance! But, we all know he CAN do it…and we’re all 100% behind him.

I am Jer’s brother, Richard, and I will be his support team throughout the ride. The plan is to start at Lands End on May 11th and stay at Youth Hostels and cheap motels all the way up to John O’Groats to finish on the 24th. The route Jer has chosen closely follows the one that Simon Brown describes in his excellent book, A Cycling Guide From Lands End to John O’Groats. Jer is keen to set off early and is hoping to set a pace of around 12 miles an hour. With breaks, we hope to finish by 3pm each day, allowing enough recuperation time, and any bike repairs, before it all starts again the next day. Jer will be on a strict carb heavy diet during the ride and it’s my job to keep him fed, watered and on the right road! It’s quite likely that I will get to know the nation’s bike shops pretty well too!

In the final month or so before the ride, Jer will be intensifying his training and YOU can follow the ups and downs of his preparation here on I will be reporting on all the latest news with photos and even the odd video and once we get going, you can follow his progress on a daily basis. We’re even hoping that you’ll be able to stalk follow him LIVE as he wends his way across Britain. At this point, Jer and I would like to thank the enormous contribution made by Jack McConnell of Voltronik Web Design for the extraordinary design and implementation of this website.

The serious side to this challenge is to raise as much money as possible for Never Give Up in memory of Abbi and Jer is asking for your generous support to reach his target of £1,000. There are lots of friends, family and colleagues waiting in the wings to pledge their support and we will shortly announce the introduction of an online sponsorship form and downloadable print version so that we can officially start our totaliser. Rest assured, ALL the money raised will go to Never Give Up.